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Learning a Language During Lockdown (for Free)

The novel coronavirus lockdown has caused some pretty significant changes to the way we live our daily lives. It’s not every day (or every year – or every decade) that a sizeable chunk of planet earth goes into a full scale lockdown, freezing everyone in place for a period of time. 

Many of us are left thinking what do with this sudden deluge of free time. If you’re like me, you are probably dreaming of your next travel destination to visit after coronavirus travel bans are lifted. For me, it was Spain and the Latin speaking countries. After working as a bartender in an Austrian ski resort during winter, there’s nothing more I wanted than to visit a warm, sunny destination packed with mouth-watering food, sandy beaches, photogenic old-towns, and fascinating history. 

But what could make that trip potentially far more exhilarating, memorable, and authentic? Getting to know the local language of course! 

Learning the language of the country/ies you’re visiting is the difference that makes the difference. I’ve sworn by learning just a few words in the local language to make your trip a million times better in my YouTube videos (check them out to see what you can truly get up to when you better connect with locals). That’s why, if you have the time, it pays to start learning a language during lockdown because you never know where you’ll end up.

Bargaining with locals at market
You never know which situation you'll find yourself in
Dugout canoe in the pacific
... or opportunity!

It’s hard to predict how long we’re going to be confined to our home, or severely limited in where we can go and what we can do, but you can see this grim circumstance as a massive opportunity for personal growth and far better travels in the future. And one of the best ways to do that is to learn a language in quarantine! Ask yourself, Has there ever been a better time to start learning a new language so that you could completely transform the way you Has there ever been a better time to start learning a new language so that you could completely transform the way you experienced another country? The answer is… never! 

While there are many free language programs such as Duolingo available, right now, the best intensive language programs in the world are free. And more may become free again should we encounter another lockdown situation in the future.

Top Free Language Learning Resources During Lockdown

Below is a some of the best language learning programs available for free in quarantine:

  • Babbel is giving out three months of free classes in over 12 languages;
  • Rosetta Stone offers free three-month subscriptions to learn any of its 22 languages;
  • Fable Cottage is providing free fun video and audio stories in some of the world’s most popular languages;
  • iCulture offers an immersion package (think watching, reading and singing) for free through June;
  • Conjuguemos has loads of free games, worksheets and activities in 7 languages during the outbreak; and
  • Mango is giving out high-speed learning programs in 70 languages for companies and schools with a free online portal.
  • Final thoughts on Learning a Language During Lockdown

    I hope these lockdown language learning tips get your mind racing with possibilities for your future travels and experiences. The best way to think of it is as an investment, because you can expect to reap rewards that money can’t buy once you hit your next destination and can speak a bit of the language. 

    So get out there (or stay in there, rather) and start twisting that tongue to the sound of a new language!

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    This Post Has 36 Comments

    1. That is a really cool idea to learn a language, during free time during the lockdown. Thanks for all the free resources!

      1. Always a pleasure.

    2. I used to have duolingo and rosseta stone. Those are some great language learning programs.

      1. Yeah, Duolingo is such a fun and easy little resource to have on your smartphone. I use it when traveling to get a better grasp of the language I’ll be dealing with in the next country.

    3. The lockdown is a great time to do anything you haven’t had time to do yet. I mean, we’re not going anywhere! LOL It’s definitely been an opportunity for enrichment for us.

      1. Agree.

    4. This is such an amazing resource! I’ve been wanting to learn a new language, but I didn’t know where to start. There are a lot of great platforms here.

      1. Glad this post helped to clear things up for you.

    5. This is awesome! I’ll have to look into some of these. I’ve always wanted to learn another language.

      1. Awesome Bill. Thanks for commenting.

    6. I’ve actually been learning to speak Spanish and French! I’m on day 36 and I’ve learned so much already!

      1. Woohoo!

    7. My kids are both in Spanish Immersion so having Rosetta Stone has been great for us – and on a budget. The kids enjoy it and I’m glad to have the resource.

      1. Really good to hear you getting your kids into languages. Going to pay off big in the future!

    8. Learning a new language is always fun. The resources you provided are really great. I am now currently learning Hindi using some of the resources.

      1. Fantastic! Hindi is such a fun language.

    9. 3month free subscription from Rosetta Stone? That’s terrific!! Thanks for sharing.

      1. Nuts, right?

    10. That’s wonderful that we could learn a language for free! Thanks for the tips and sharing!

      1. Go getem!

    11. Learning something new is great especially during times like this. Those are wonderful resources you shared with us and it’s not easy to learn a new language so this is quite helfpul.

      1. Thanks for your comment, Lyanna. I’m happy to help.

    12. this is great. if i have more time, i love to learn spanish and japanese! <3 no time is more perfect than this time to learn something new.

      1. That’s great. I always found Japanese to be such a fascinating language.

    13. This is such a good use of time during lockdown. Also, to learn a new language for free…even better xx

      1. Exactly!

    14. Love this. Currently I am learning spanish and enjoying it! Also it helps being able to understand the gist of what others are tlaking about when its in spanish 😉 hehe x

      Nice post very informative and great words <3


      1. Gracias amiga.

    15. I do love learning new languages and I think these are the best resources for me to learn that. I will definitely checking this out and thank you for sharing this.

      1. Good time to take advantage of what they are offering, that’s for sure.

    16. I was thinking about picking up spanish again! Thank you for all of these wonderful resources and sites! Never heard of Mango, but will give them a try today!

      1. Neither did I until the pandemic started. My pleasure.

    17. What a better time than now to learn a language! I would love to learn French.

      1. Awesome. You can do it!

    18. I’m trying to sharpen my French skills again. It’s really one of my skills – to learn new language. It’s fun!

      1. Bonne chance!

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