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Travelmvmt’s Explore page is your travel & life companion. Here, we share unique information, ideas and stories on how to feel more fulfilled in life through higher quality travel experiences, self-improvement, and a better lifestyle. With a focus on discovery, cultural immersion and personal growth, the Explore blog helps you connect and experience more, whether you are at home or abroad.  For in-depth destination guides, visit Places
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About Ray


G’day! Thanks for visiting travelmvmt. When I’m not at home in Australia exploring the outdoors, doing yoga, or learning about personal growth, I’m on a mission to explore the world, meet locals,  and discover little known travel treasures. 

I believe that travel is a key ingredient in powerful self-change, as it fosters a  better understanding of ourselves, others and the world we live in. 

My goal on travelmvmt is to help you find a sense of fulfilment and connection to the world around you through experiential travel, cultural immersion, and personal growth. 

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