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Travel Guide to Australia

Packed with spectacular scenery, amazing weather, friendly locals and exciting cities, Australia is the ultimate travel getaway. It’s also one of the least populated places on earth; roughly the same size as U.S.A but with only 25 million people. This leaves a lot of room for play, and the Aussie outback is ready to surprise even the most experienced travelers, with adventures that span as far as the horizon. 4-wheel-drive through remote red deserts, explore ancient jungles, hike snowy mountains, snorkel vibrant coral reefs or discover secluded golden beaches – there really is something for everyone.

Aussies call this “The Lucky Country”, and it’s easy to see why. Friendly people are everywhere – and so is the good-spirited and somewhat amusing sentiment where everyone from the Prime Minister to the bartender at the local pub is called “mate”. True to its stereotypes, this is the country of barbeques, beaches, thongs (known as flip flops outside Oz) and beers, along with the distinctive “no worries” attitude.

Australia also plays host to the oldest surviving culture in the world. The indigenous Australians have roots in this country that trace back some 70,000 years (only 10,000 years after the Homo sapiens emerged from Africa). Before British colonisation, Australia had over 500 different clan groups or ‘nations’, speaking roughly 250 distinct languages. Whilst this is sadly no longer the case, inquisitive travelers still have the opportunity to share authentic experiences with Aboriginal Australia and better understand the culture and history, particularly in Central Australia and the Northern Territory.

Away from the outback, Australia is a melting pot of fresh food, world-class wines, a growing craft-beer scene, incredible coffee and lively cities. Australia is also incredibly multicultural. In the major metropolitan areas, you’ll find almost every religion, lifestyle and cuisine, with over one-quarter of Australians born overseas, and half having at least one foreign-born parent.

A trip to Australia is synonymous with adventure, sun, fun and good vibes. Make sure you visit Australia at least once in your life to get your dose of Vitamin D –you’ll be nursing that sun-kissed tan and chilled out attitude long after you’ve left!

Australian kangaroos playing on the beach
Endless adventures await in Australia

Hit The Road, Trip

Australia is home to some of the world’s greatest road trips and scenic drives due to its geographical diversity. Hopping into a car and enjoying the freedom of the open road is the best way to see it, and likely one of the most memorable travel experiences you will ever have.

From sweeping red deserts and mountain ranges to dramatic coastlines and heritage-listed rainforests, every traveler will find solace here regardless of whether they’re in a decked-out campervan or in a simple car for a day trip. Some of the top self-drive itineraries include the Great Ocean Road, Pacific Coast, Great Eastern Drive, Nullabor Crossing, Cairns to Cape York, Great Alpine Road, Perth to Ningaloo and Gibb River Road.

Urban Buzz

Whilst Australia has endless places to explore in the outback, its cities are just as interesting to discover, with each offering a very different experience.

Melbourne is famous for its laneways, some of the world’s best coffee, a vibrant art and fashion scene, and multicultural cuisine. Sydney – the big city, is more fast paced; pumping with clubs and fine restaurants, and has world-famous beaches at its doorstep. Darwin fuses an interesting mix of Southern-Asian influence (think spicy food) with contemporary Aboriginal culture, whilst Hobart impresses with its gothic history, quirky art and prevalent organic, farm-to-table food. Meanwhile, often overlooked Brisbane is the lifestyle city of Australia with a love for the outdoors. With a subtropical climate and an average of 283 days of sunshine every year, Brisbane makes the perfect base for exploring the nearby beaches and national parks.

A Wild Life

Renowned for its biodiversity and peculiar wildlife, Australia is perhaps best known for being a nature lovers’ paradise. Given Australia was isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years, much of the wildlife is noticeably different from other continents. This is a major appeal for nature enthusiasts who seek close encounters with unique animals and insects found nowhere else on earth.

Australia has some world-class zoos and wildlife parks which offer convenient ways to meet native creatures. For a more authentic experience however, you can escape the city and get close to Aussie animals in their natural habitat. Spot wild kangaroos jumping through the bush, crocodiles waiting silently for their prey, and if your nerves are up to it, go cage diving with a great white shark. There’s so much natural beauty in Australia; seeing it up close is the experience of a lifetime you won’t want to miss.

An Ancient Land

Australia’s Indigenous culture is the oldest surviving culture in the world, with a history dating back some 70,000 years. In Aboriginal Australia, this is a continent which encompasses many countries of the first peoples on earth, and is a sacred place where land is intertwined with spirits, called the “dream-time”.

For intrepid traveler, there are opportunities to venture off the beaten track and have authentic experiences with Aboriginal people and further understand their culture and traditions. This will be sure to provide a completely different perspective of Australia which few other travelers will see. Discover rock art over 20,000 years old, learn about natural medicines and bush tucker from an Aboriginal guide, visit museums dedicated to sharing Indigenous history, or wade deep into Arnhem Land and connect with Indigenous locals.

Location: Oceania
Official Language: English
Population: 25 million
Capital: Canberra
Currency: Dollar ($)

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