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Finding Accommodation in Czech Republic

Czech Republic accommodation options range from tucked away summer campsites to rustic family pensions, lively hostels and charming hotels. Whilst finding accommodation  in Czechia is generally easy, it’s important to book ahead during the high season in popular tourist areas such as Prague, Karlovy Vary and Český Krumlov to ensure you reserve a room and get the best price.

Czech Republic accommodation travel guide
Prague offers travelers some of the most gorgeous places to stay


Camping in Czech Republic is openly available thanks to a a dense network of campsites spread around the country with options for tents, cabins or caravans. Facilities are often simple, but sites, wrapped up in the nature of serene locations, make camping in Czech Republic an attractive alternative.

The majority of camp grounds are only open from May to October however, so plan accordingly. The Czech Camping Association offers a list of campsites around the country.


Hostels are an affordable accommodation option throughout Czech Republic. Hostels are very common in larger towns and tourist centres and tend to be of a high standard. In Prague, hostels are famous for bringing people from all over the world together, and offer fantastic opportunities for socialising, entertainment and of course, partying. 

Hostel options are limited in smaller towns and lesser-known areas, though occasionally you will find small establishments offering a unique family atmosphere which is a charming substitute to the busier hostels. Hostelworld will help you find the best hostel deals. 


Offering a cozy, quaint ambience, pensions are found throughout most towns and villages in the Czech Republic. These family-run guesthouses often have small restaurants and offer a more cultural experience than hostels and hotels. 

Pensions have got you covered if what you seek is sharing talking to locals, sharing a homemade Czech meal, and enjoying some peace and quiet.


A wide variety of hotels can be found throughout the Czech Republic, ranging from opulent to ordinary. Prague, Český Krumlov and Karlovy Vary boast some extremely lavish hotels that are comparable to anywhere else in Europe (and with similar pricing). 

In provincial towns however, standards are more average and prices tend to be more affordable. Find the best hostel deals online with

Hotel in Prague
Accommodation can be expensive in Prague so shop around for the best deal


Czech Republic has some fantastic Airbnb vacation rentals available, particularly in Prague and Karlovy Vary. Use this Airbnb code to get up to $55 USD off your first booking.


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