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Finding Transport in Czech Republic & Getting Around

With some of the most comprehensive coverage throughout Europe, transportation in the Czech Republic is affordable, quick and efficient. Air travel is impractical given the country’s small size, therefore travel by train, bus and car remains the most effective means of getting around in the Czech Republic.  For public transport timetables throughout the country, visit IDOS.


Train transport in Czechia is a convenient way of getting from one place to another given most cities, towns and villages have dedicated train stations ensuring seamless travel. 

It’s always safer to buy tickets in advance, especially for Fridays and weekends, but this is not required if you travel with the state-owned Czech Railways. For private carriers such as RegioJet however, tickets will need to be purchased ahead of time so you have a guaranteed place to sit.


Bus services are another key mode of transportation in the Czech Republic, and are similar to rail in terms of price and travel time. Buses have the added benefit of being more useful when moving between destinations where train service is poor, however.

Student Agency is one of the most popular private bus companies with regular services running to a number of key destinations. Visit Omio to compare prices and get the best deal on buses.


Driving within the Czech Republic opens up far more doors than any other form of transport. With the open road, drivers are able to go fully local and explore the less accessible towns and national parks, sheltered from the easy access of day-tourists. 

With good road infrastructure, driving is a sensible choice if you have more time to spend in the country, or would like to experience more off the beaten path destinations at your own pace. Europcar is a good option which provides car rentals in the most popular tourist destinations.

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