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Finding the Best Time to Visit Czech Republic

Best Time to Visit Czech Republic
Autumn marks the start of mushroom picking season

High & Low Season Facts

High Season: June–August
Low Season: November–March
Shoulder Season: March-April, October-November

Weather & Climate Summary

Czech Republic’s climate is dominated by brief, hot summers and sharp winters, though this will vary year to year.

Summer has the warmest and longest days, and is the most enjoyable time to visit Czech Republic. However, this season also brings a flood of tourists and higher prices to the most famous destinations, particularly Prague. To have a less crowded (and often cheaper) experience, the best time to visit Czechia is during the quieter months of late spring and early autumn. During this time, travelers will find the weather to be quite pleasant with fairly sunny skies and mild evenings, and a far more manageable amount of tourists.

Spring (March–May)

Spring is a great time to visit Czehc Republic as the days tend to warm quickly with little rain allowing for uninterrupted sightseeing. Be prepared for slush during March however, as the country experiences a cold hangover from winter with melting snow.

Spring is also blossom season where you will see the fruit trees that litter the rolling countryside in full bloom. With generally pleasant weather and not too many crowds, spring is a great time to explore the country in peace, as well as experience its exciting spring festivals.

Summer (June–August)

Summer is high tourist season in Czech Republic when most people visit the country. Higher temperatures and higher prices seem to go to together, with sightseeing and accommodation becoming more expensive in popular areas. Booking ahead will save you time and money.

With crowds pouring in, it is a good time to wander out and explore the smaller cities like Olomuoc, Ostrava, Sudetes and Krkonose National Park. 

The summer months also hold some famous festivals around the country including the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Five-Petaled Rose Celebration in Cesky Krumlov, Hradec Kralove Battle Festival, and Smetanova Litomysl Music Festival in Litomysl. 

If you want an authentic Czech experience, make sure you explore these smaller towns to feel the true sense of Czech culture.

Rolling hills in Czechia's countryside
Fresh air, greenery and quiet fills the Czech countryside during summer

Autumn (September–October)

Autumn brings clear and settled weather that provides a predictable calm throughout the day with far less crowds. 

With many heavily forested areas, autumn is a great time to wander into the woods to appreciate Czechia’s beauty and witness the changing colours of the foliage. Mushroom picking is also in full swing now, and many locals take to their local forests to take part in the annual harvest.

This romantic season is also the best time to take a dip in the thermal waters of Czechia’s Bohemian spa towns such as Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne, which are particularly breathtaking at this time of year. 

Elsewhere, important events take place such as the Prague Festival, Czech Grand Prix, and Wine Harvest Festivals of Malnik and Znojmo, which are set in picturesque medieval winemaking towns.

Winter (November-March)

Winter in Czech Republic can be rather cold and eerily quiet, particularly in smaller towns such as Český Krumlov. However, if you make your way to Prague, Brno or Olomouc and you will be in for a treat. Some of the finest Christmas markets in Europe go on full display during this time of year, with Svařák (mulled wine), decorations, stalls and brightly lit trees lining the streets of the larger cities. This is the cheapest time to visit Prague, which will look like a fairytale kingdom during snowfall.


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