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Finding Accommodation in Poland

Polish accommodation varies from the standard of hotels, pensions and hostels to rooms in private homes and camping options. 

Accommodation in Poland is generally very affordable, though asking prices are higher in the larger cities, especially Warsaw. Finding lodging is easy except for during the summer holiday months of July and August when bookings should be made ahead of time.

Accommodation in Poland
Poland has a wide range of accommodation options that are very affordable


Camping in Poland is a delightful experience given how tranquil and unspoiled the wilderness is. There are over 500 campgrounds distributed throughout Poland, mostly in the countryside but also near major towns and on the outskirts of cities. 

About half of registered campsites have full facilities, whilst the remainder are very basic with little facilities. Many sites also have wooden cabins for rent which are similar to basic hotel rooms with their own kitchenette, bathroom and queen sized bed. 

It’s worth planning ahead and doing a price comparison with hostels as campsites are not always going to be cheaper. For a comprehensive list of campsites in Poland, see this camping guide.


Polish hostels comprise of both the modern type of privately owned hostels and the older, publicly run hostels. Hostels in Poland offer great value for money and come with good service from friendly multilingual staff. Internet access and laundry service is common, though breakfasts and dinners depend on the hostel. 

Whilst generally easy to book, it is advisable to reserve ahead during the months of July and August as these are the busy summer holidays in Poland. Visit Hostelworld to find the cheapest and best valued hostels in Poland. 

Pensions & Private Home Accommodation

Pensjonaty (pensions) are privately run guesthouses that are very popular in Poland. Pensions are usually family-run, cheaper than hotels, and provide breakfast along with all the amenities you would find in a normal house. 

Given the privately-controlled nature of this accommodation, staying at pensions is a great option for travelers interested in cultural immersion and forming deeper connections with local residents.

Another accommodation option in Poland is to stay in someone’s private home which offers rooms for the night. This is essentially like Airbnb but without the level of technology or commercialism. Private lodging like this is particularly prevalent in the mountains or areas that attract large amounts of visitors. 

Hosts are generally older and do not speak the best English, but the traditional Polish hospitality will make this a fulfilling experience. Keep an eye out for signs with ‘pokoje’, ‘noclegi’ or ‘zimmer frei’.



Hotels are the most popular type of accommodation in Poland, ranging from basic to ultra-plush. At the premium level in major cities, there are various international and domestic hotels offering luxury accommodation that can sometimes be on par with Western prices.

On the more affordable end of the spectrum, there are plenty of smaller, privately owned hotels catering to families, couples and backpackers, often at excellent value. Budget hotels can be found in all towns. provides the best deals on booking hotels. 


Poland has some amazing Airbnb rentals, particularly in the old town of its major cities as well as quirky options in the wilderness. Use my Airbnb code for up to a $55 USD coupon on your next booking. 

Polish accommodation
You can find cute Airbnb's everywhere in Poland

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