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  January 1:  New Year’s Day (closures) Country wide
  January 6: Epiphany (closures) Country wide


  February 21-24: International Shanty Fest celebrating traditional sailor songs Kraków


  April 21–22: Easter Sunday and Monday (closures) Country wide
  Mid-Late April: Beethoven Easter Festival; two week long musical and cultural event with renowned classical musicians from around the world Warsaw
  Late April: Kraków Marathon Kraków


  May 1: May Day/Labor Day (some closures) Country wide
  May 1-29: Baltic Music & Art Festival brings together traditional musicians from across the Baltic region Toruń
  May 3:  Constitution Day celebrates Europe’s first constitution; street carnivals Country wide
  May: Juwenalia; annual University student holiday where students party in the city streets before Summer exams Kraków
  Late May-Early June: Kraków Film Festival Kraków


  Early June: Wrocław Good Beer Festival (weekend) Wrocław
  June 9: Pentecost (closures) Country wide
  June 15-24:  Malta Festival; week long theatre and dramatic arts event with street entertainment Poznań
  June 20:  Corpus Christi (religious festival; some closures) Country wide
  June 27: Lajkonik Festival Kraków
  June 23: Wianki Festival; midsummer festival with fireworks, music and wreaths in rafts on the Wisla river Kraków
  Late June: Sztuka Ulicy; street performers take to the city streets Warsaw
  Late June-Early July:  Jewish Culture Festival Kraków


  Early July: Open’er Festival; very popular Summer pop and indie rock festival Gdynia
  Early July:  Crossroads Festival Kraków celebrates world music Kraków
  July–August:  Jazz na Starówce brings free jazz to the streets with concerts held in the Old Town Square on Saturdays Warsaw
  July 28–August 19:  St. Dominic’s Fair; largest open-air trade and cultural event in Poland and one of the largest in Europe Gdańsk
  Late July: International Street Art Festival; annual street arts festival bringing five days of theatre, open-air art installations and performances staged in public places Warsaw
  Late July–Early August: Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival (includes many performances in English) Gdańsk


  Early August: International Chopin Festival; world’s principal Chopin annual classical music festival (held in the composer’s house) Duszniki-Zdrój
  August 15:  Assumption Day (closures) Country wide
  August 16-26: Zakopane International Festival of Mountain Folklore draws highlanders from all over the world in the biggest celebration of highland culture for a week of music, dance and traditional costumes  
  August 17–18: Live Music Festival; major hip-hop and rock artists descend upon Kraków Kraków


  September 11–17:  Sacrum Profanum Festival; contemporary and experimental music festival Kraków
  September 21–29:  Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw
  September 7-16: 4 Cultures Festival; Łódź celebrates its historic role as a meeting place of Polish, Russian German and Jewish cultures with theatre, music, film and dialogue Łódź
  September 7-16: Wratislavia Cantans; Wrocław’s top music and fine-arts festival presenting the human voice in different forms and genres Wrocław
  Late September: Old Jazz Festival features a range of local and international jazz performers performing at venues around town Poznań


  October 7–14:  Unsound Festival; avant-garde music festival Kraków
  October 12–21:  Warsaw Film Festival Warsaw


  November 1:  All Saints’ Day/Remembrance Day (some closures) Country wide
  November 11:  Independence Day (closures) Country wide
  November 2-10: All Souls Jazz Festival; Europe’s oldest jazz festival showcases internationally renowned jazz artists and talented young performers Kraków
  November 29:  St. Andrew’s Eve (partying before St. Andrew’s Day; some closures) Country wide


  December:  Christmas markets pop up around the country, but arguably the most evocative are in Warsaw’s Old Town Country wide
  December 7–13:  Watch Docs (human rights film festival) Warsaw
  December 24–25:  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (closures) Country wide
  December 26:  Boxing Day/St. Stephen’s Day (closures) Country wide
  December 31:  New Year’s Eve brings grand street parties in Kraków Kraków

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