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Finding Transport in Poland & Getting Around

Poland is serviced by an incredibly affordable public transportation network which includes almost every village, town and city. Although some trains and buses can be outdated outside of the main cities, transport remains punctual. Traveling domestically by plane is common given Poland’s land mass.


Poland has an array of domestic airports servicing the entire country with flights. Predictably, flying is the quickest and most comfortable method of transportation between major Polish cities, though it can also the most expensive. 

Poland’s main air carrier, Polish Airlines (LOT), covers much of the country with flights, as do other popular European budget airlines. Always remember that budget airlines may have different baggage limits, so be sure to check at the time of booking.  


With a rail network that connects all parts of the country, trains in Poland provide a rich and comfortable experience that is also highly affordable. The nation’s railway system runs a number of services ranging from express trains that whiz between the country’s cities to slower regional trains that stop at each local station. 

In many cases, you’ll need to purchase tickets at the train station so plan accordingly. To search see rail connections and ticket prices click here.

Poland’s faster trains require seat reservation ahead of time (specifically TLK, Eurocity and InterCity services), as do some overnight trains with international routes. 

Rail passes are unlikely to save any extra money given point-to-point train tickets are cheap in Poland. The main reason to purchase a rail pass is to avoid the inconvenience of buying tickets as you go. 


Poland has a comprehensive bus network which covers nearly every village and town accessible by road. Buses are slower and not always cheaper than trains, but they do allow for you to discover the country on a budget whilst traveling flexibly over long distances. 

Buses are particularly useful when train routes involve a long detour, as they will get you to your quicker quicker. For example, the Southern mountain region of Poland is better traveled by bus.

Local bus tickets must be purchased the bus station itself from a counter or the bus driver, however intercity tickets can be purchased online. Omio is a great tool for finding buses between Poland’s cities whilst e-podroznik covers all local routes. 

Polish Bus
Poland's public transportation system is incredibly affordable


Like many European countries, traveling by car is one of the best ways to explore a country. In Poland, car transportation is affordable and allows you to explore out-of-view castles, national parks and churches that dot the countryside. 

Note that with the recent economic development that has seen large increases in cars in Poland, road maintenance resources are strained. Road quality is therefore generally lower than some of its neighbours, however major highways tend to be in good condition. Europcar provides convenient car rentals at most Polish tourist destinations.


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